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F1 – nutritional cocktail – banana cream flavor


Protein cocktail Formula 1 is a product specially designed for weight control, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by clinical studies.

Choose Formula 1 for breakfast, start the day in a balanced way, you will avoid insulin spikes in the blood and the risk of hunger and overeating



The main principle of weight loss is to reduce the amount of calories received from food. However, the transition to a low-calorie diet is not always smooth and is usually accompanied by constant hunger. What’s more, after reducing the amount of food consumed, the body no longer receives enough nutrients necessary for normal functioning.

Enjoy Formula 1 as a nutritious breakfast, lunch or dinner while maintaining an active lifestyle and achieving your desired weight.

Balanced food in a glass
• 18 grams of protein*
• 4 grams of fiber
• Only 220 kcal per serving*
• 25 vitamins and minerals
• Without artificial colors and fragrances
• Suitable for vegetarians
• Contains no gluten

*1 portion prepared with 250 ml of 1.5% fat milk

Replace 1-2 daily meals with a Formula 1 cocktail, you will ensure calorie control, you will get the necessary substances: proteins, vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber.