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  • On registration, the discount of 25% from retail price of Herbalife products in Lithuania is granted at once. Later the amount of purchases is accumulated for all the future purchases and it is possible to earn discounts of 35%, 42% and 50%. PS (the discount of 25% is applied not on the price shown on the website. The prices on the website are the prices with 20% distributor’s discount.
  • Direct purchase and delivery of the products from the representative agency
  • You may buy for ow needs, to help others, or to engage in business
  • The annual partner’s service fee is 9,93 euro; when 50% discount s reached – 69,16 euro.

How to become a partner of Herbalife Nutrition?

        1. Buy a “Set of Independent Partner” that will be delivered to your address with the registration instruction (the registration without a set is impossible).
        2. Sign up and buy the products with 25% discount.

If you have any questions or need advice, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail aidasg.herbalife@gmail.com or on mobile phone +370 67880844.